michael_001Michael spent the first part of its life in Rhyl with the other three locomotives JoanJohn (103), and Billy. When the Railway closed, Michael spent a number of years in store, before returning to re-open the railway in 1978.

It worked at the RMR and at the Dudley Zoo Railway until 1994 when Michael was placed on static display on Anglesey. It returned to Rhyl in 2007.

In 2008 it was decided to restore Michael to operation, and an order was placed for a new boiler from TRS Boilermakers. Over winter 2009-2010 a lot of work was carried out on the chassis and tender by the RMR volunteer team led by Pat Kelly.

The wheels all went to Acme Precision Engineering near Wrexham where the driving wheels were re-tyred. The chassis was then built back up with new springs being put in place similar to those now on Joan.

Great care has been taken to get the finish of the locomotive as near as possible to its 1960s appearance. The new boiler was delivered to RMR on 11 September 2010 and on 16th December 2010 the locomotive was trial steamed, its first day in steam since 1992.

Michael re-entered full service in Easter 2011. The restoration of Michael to working order was been supported financially by the Communities First Trust Fund.

In September 2020 the boiler certificate for Michael expired. During 2022 new tubes were fitted to the boiler and the ‘ticket’ was re-started. Michael returned to passenger service during the 2023 season.

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