99 Prince Edward of Wales

This locomotive Prince Edward of Wales was built originally by Bassett Lowke of Northampton in 1909. It was the Rhyl Miniature Railway’s sole motive power when the railway first opened in 1911.

It was sold by Rhyl Amusements Ltd in 1920 and Rhyl Steam Preservation Trust bought it back in 2014.

In the intervening time it was almost scrapped and relatively few of the truly original parts now remain. In its recent form as restored in 1991 it has been carrying its first (pre Rhyl) name, Red Dragon.

Red Dragon / Prince Edward of Wales had visited the RMR several times in recent years and is shown at right in 2007.

The locomotive was acquired during June 2014 in a non-working condition and has now been rebuilt back towards its 1911 -1969 form, using a new tender and a new boiler.

It re-entered service on the railway in August 2016.

During summer 2017 Prince Edward of Wales was lined out in its 1911 style.

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