Nature & Heritage Trail

The Marine Lake Nature and Heritage Trail enables visitors to learn more about the history of the site and its unique wildlife. The trail has recently been updated so that it can now be followed using QR codes on your smartphone.

In its earliest days the lake was most used for rowing. Ask our train driver nicely and he may pause the train halfway round the lake where there is an interactive sculpture of a man rowing – we call him Albert after Albert Barnes. Nearby you can turn the handle to hear a voice recording recounting some early history of the site.

There are other information panels describing the bird life that lives at the Lake and also what swims around in the salt water. Can you see what animals the sculptures next to the picnic table represent?

Find out what makes the Lake site special to the natural world, what birds nest on the island, what species live in the lake itself. Enjoy hands-on childrens’ learning activities at each information point.

The Nature and Heritage Trail project, which opened in 2011, was promoted jointly by Denbighshire County Council and the community group Marine Lake Users Forum. The project was part funded by the Welsh Assembly Government.

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