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Rhyl, the Marine Lake and Miniature Railway have a fascinating history.

We are lucky enough to have photographs, postcards, adverts and newspaper cuttings which document the development of the area. You can find lots of information on display in the Albert Barnes Room, which houses our accredited museum, here at the railway station.

However we have created a resource of interactive online activities to share this fascinating information. Work your way through the exercises to learn more about the Marine Lake and Rhyl Miniature Railway…

The History of Marine lake

Learn about the creation of Marine Lake and its development through the years. Work through an interactive presentation and check your knowledge by completing questions and exercises along the way, then see if you can match a series of images to their correct dates…

The History of the Chester & Holyhead Railway

Find out why the development of the railway was so important for transport and the development of North Wales. Read through the interactive presentation and images, then complete the flashcards exercise to see how much you remember… 

How do Steam Engines Work?

Find out how burning coal powers a steam engine, lean what each part of the engine does then complete the exercise to see how much you can remember…

The History of Rhyl Miniature Railway

A look back at how it all began and significant events through the years with an interactive timeline, images and questions to check your knowledge…

Jack the Station Cat’s Quiz

Just for fun! Work through the slides, then see how many of the questions you can get right…

History in Words

A write up of the background, construction and history of the Rhyl Miniature Railway…

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