Santa train FAQ’s

Can I book by telephone or just turn up on the day?

No, you cannot. We will only accept bookings made in advance using our web booking system. This is because if we cannot control the numbers on each train then we cannot enforce adequate social distancing.

Does the booking system requires me to pay by Paypal?

No, the booking system will accept common credit or debit cards for payment; it does not require payment by Paypal. 

I would like to bring my babe in arms, do I need a separate booking?

Santa is used to meeting children of all ages. If you would like your baby to meet Santa and receive a present then you need to make a booking for them and pay £12.50. Babes in arms who do not want to receive a present we will freely carry on our Santa train at no extra charge.

Can we bring our dog with us?

Yes, we carry dogs at no extra charge. Your dog must travel with you in your train compartment.

I have lost my ticket, or have booked late and have not received any ticket?

Tickets are now issued online as part of the booking process, please see the link on the email titled ‘Confirmation of booking’. It is not essential for you to bring your ticket with you. but our elves will be expecting you to turn up for the train you have booked to travel on.

I have booked but would like to amend my booking details, times etc?

Please contact us at and we will try to help, or else speak with our elves on 01745 360584 after 5pm.

Is there parking available?

You may park at the Marine Lake car park which is free of charge. Please aim to reach us at Central Station, Marine Lake, ideally approximately ten minutes before your train is due to leave.

What do I need to wear?

If the weather is cold please wrap up warm for the walk to the station as it can be very cold in winter.

What do I need to be know about during my visit

Report to our elves in the ticket office on arrival. They will ask you to confirm details of your party and they will direct you to the train compartment where you will be travelling.

Once you are booked in, the ticket office elves will hand out the snack bags for the party with mince pies and biscuits in and the cup drinks, so please let us know of any allergies and we will then be able to arrange something. Hot drinks will be available at the ticket office for a nominal charge. Please by all means take these on the train to be enjoyed during your journey.

Our toilet facilities at Central Station will be open if you need them.

Sit in the train with members of your party in the same pre-booked compartment/s. All compartments in every train will be enclosed, and there will be facilities for a wheelchair on every train, please let us know if you need this in the notes when booking and don’t forget to include the names, ages, and if boy/girl for every child.

The train does two laps around the lake without stopping and the once finished it’s then time to meet Santa in his grotto. Head into the fully decorated grotto waiting room until it’s your turn for the children to tell him what they want for Christmas and get the presents.

We hope you enjoyed your visit today and Santa would like to wish every well behaved child a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2024!

We have booked but are going to turn up late for our train time due to travel problems?

Please see the elves at the ticket office when you do arrive. Santa does not like well intentioned children to be disappointed, and we will do our best to see what special arrangements can be made for you.

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